Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are Clinical Drug Trials safe?

I'm looking into joining a clinical drug trial to test a treatment for hayfever what are the chances of it being dangerous?
That is the risk you take! It is very rare that things do go wrong, and you may be on the placebo drug without knowing it.You have to sign the form to say you are taking this risk - good luck!
Sometimes it can be very dangerous. People were hurt in trials last year. You are after all volunteering to be a Guinea pig for them.
Well there is always some risk or it wouldn't be a trial. Someone died last year doing drug trials.
they do risk assments for them but the outcome is never predictable which is why they have the tests
No one knows, that is why they call them Trials. Good luck
Yes they can be dangerous as the products are tested before
they get a license.
thats the idea-your taking the chances before its available to everyone else-there are always risks and this is why p#eople are usually paid for doing this-my aunt has been on lots of drug trials it was an easy way to make cash but of she knew of the risks-if there was no danger it wouldnt be on trial
The risks are quite low, but it can go very wrong indeed. Check out this new story:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/480809...
BBC NEWS | Health | Q%26A: Drug trials
Chances, I would think, are minimal. However, just remember the recent drug trials and how that all went wrong

Are Clean and Clear good for pimple?

I've few pimple and I heard that this product works for
Its really good. Also if you live in the UK Tesco do a range called "Clear skin"... I use the wipes face wash and cleanser, and my skin TOTALLY cleared up in a couple of days, ive also used clean and clear cleanser now and again which works just as good, trust me use this stuff its the best spot stuff out there!! And trust me.. Ive tried every thing!!
I swear by Clean %26 Clear! But the face wash with the microbeads in it - it's works!!

Are cigars addictive and which is worse cigaret or cigar and why?

well im just curious.
Anti-tobacco people brainwash people about the dangers of cigars. It is true that they are addictive and dangerous, but no where near as much as cigarettes. One-to-one, a cigar is much worse, but most cigar smokers don't smoke as much as cigarette smokers. A pack-a-day smoker is equal to someone who smokes 2-3 cigars a day, which is a lot. Most cigar smokers smoke 2-3 a week, some are more like 2-3 a month. Any statistics on the dangers of cigars are based on the 2-3 a day numbers. Another aspect of cigar smoking is the inhalation. Cigarette smokers inhale the smoke into their lungs where as cigar smokers only bring the smoke into their mouth. This results in less lung cancer, but higher risks in mouth and throat cancer. The cigar itself also comes into contact with your mouth and that also causes cancer. Cigarette smokers smoke for the nicotine rush. Cigar smokers smoke more for the experience. We enjoy the smell and taste of fine tobaccos along with the relaxation that comes with it. But to just answer your question, yes cigars are addictive, and one-to-one, they are worse. The addiction comes from the nicotine which is in the tobacco and the "worse" factor comes from the carcinogens in the smoke. Cigars are worse simply because there is more tobacco which has more nicotine and creates more smoke with carcinogens. However, most cigar smokers don't smoke frequently enough to become highly addicted to nicotine nor do they smoke as much as cigarette smokers which introduces fewer carcinogens into the body.
I guess technically a cigar could be addictive, but you are getting far less chemicals in a cigar and since you don't inhale you are getting a way lower dose of nicotine.
yes cigars are addictive %26 they are both bad- a cigar is worse because it doesnt have a filter like a cigarette- but they are both unhealthy
cigars are addictive
they are also more harmfull than cigarets. its something like a cigar holds ablout as much tobaco as 11 cigarets. so you would be causing more damage to your lungs in a shorter amount of time.
I imagine cigarettes would be more addictive, as they're generally smoked more frequently than cigars. The frequency with which a drug is used influences its potential for addiction; the more you use it, the more likely you are to be hooked. I used to be a cigar smoker, but only casually, and I never had problems living without nicotine. On the other hand, Sigmund Freud (who is often portrayed with a cigar in his hand) died of cancer of the jaw; to the end of his life, he couldn't stop smoking even as it was killing him.Note: several other people answering the question have said that cigarettes contain nicotine; cigars do also. Nicotine is the tobacco plant's way of fighting off insects. As a kid, I remember being able to buy nicotine at gardening stores as a way of killing of insects.
Yes cigarettes are VERY addictive. Nicotine stimulates areas of your brain that are stimulated during cocaine addiction. Dopamine is released after every time that a person smokes and thus causes addiction. Cigarettes are bad for your lung and esophagus and are just bad all together. Cigars are worse they cause mouth cancers if smoked on regular basis. You are not suppose to inhale when smoking a cigar so cigars dont cause lung cancer as frequently as cigarettes.
Not good ones, they just like the look. With a cigar you can get mouth cancer from the tar as long as you do not en hail. Cigarettes are a lot worse, because you can get addicted to them through nicatean, and get lung cancer along with throat and mouth, but not as common.
They are both cancer sticks. How attractive is that? I've seen pictures of a person who had a hole in his cheek from oral cancer. Whether it's snuff, a cigarette, or a cigar, nicotine is bad stuff. Just say No!

Are canker sores herpes?

No. Canker sores are NOT herpes (cold sores). Cold sores 鈥?also called fever blisters 鈥?are quite different from canker sores, a condition people sometimes associate them with. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and they're contagious. Canker sores, which aren't contagious, are ulcers that occur in the soft tissues inside your mouth, places where cold sores don't occur.
no, they are generally caused by acid indigestion or teeth rubbing on the inside of your cheek.
Generally, no.However oral herpes can present as sores in the mouth (not just cold sores on the lips and facial area).

Are Canker Sores a virus and contagious?

Not cold sore!
Canker sores are NOT viruses nor are they contagious. They are little sores on the inside of your mouth caused by stress, genetics, allergies, poor nutrition, or by repeated friction on a certain area.
I know they are a virus and well, how do people get viruses? From other people!

Are cancerous moles supposd to be raised and feel weird?

Unfortunately, cancerous moles can do many things. Raised, definitely. Feel weird? Hmm... Sometimes.
That is a sign that they are cancerous; make an appointment with a dermatologist ASAP plz!
Cancerous lesions aren't always raised -- they're usually inconsistent in color, asymmetrically shaped, and have funky borders.
Not all moles that are raised are cancerous.
Cancerous moles will have a uneven edge around it and blue or purplish in color and bleeds or scales alot.
not at all,
http://www.skincancerinfo.com/sectionf/w...when in doubt, have a doctor check it out.
Basically, if your mole is bigger than the width of a pencil eraser, or it has an unusual texture or color, it's good to check it out. Bleeding is also a bad sign.Check out the link below for more info.

Are brain tumars genetic?

My uncle died of a brain tumar 3 months after finding out he had it.
some tumors could certainly be of genetic origin.however, exposure to certain toxic materials at work,
labs, even schools can start some cells to grow at irregular rates. tumors of different types can grow at different rates and to
much different sizes.there are genetic screenings available, some quite expensive to see if you carry a gene for a tumor of a specific type.i would try to find out what type of tumor your uncle died of,
and then, if you feel it necessary, do the blood or tissue test to see if you have that gene.
Tumors in general are not genetic, however it has been shown that people who get a certian type of cancer (like skin) the kids of that person seem to have a higher risk.
No not really...although your risks may increase a small amount if someone in your family has had a certain type of cancer it does not mean you are going to get it!Brain Cancer is a very rare cancer which makes it even less likely it is genetic!
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